The Dakota County Family Child Care Association is a non-profit organization of
licensed family child care providers in and around Dakota County.  DCFCCA serves
and acts on behalf of all members:

  • To promote quality family child care through monthly training opportunities and
    support for providers;

  • To promote the image of quality family child care in the community; and

  • To aid in communication between providers, Human Services, parents and the

Our Mission Statement:  We are committed to promoting quality licensed family
child care within the community by offering providers affordable education and
professional support.

Benefits for Providers
  • Monthly Training
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Benefits for Families
  • Free Provider Directory
  • Guide to Choosing Quality Child Care
  • Program list of benefits of licensed family child care
Who  We  Are
Stepping into Spring

DCFCCA's 20th Annual Child Care Conference

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Linda DeMoe, our Keynote Speaker, is presenting

"I May not be Perfect, but Parts of Me are Excellent"