The Dakota County Family Child Care Association is a
non-profit organization of licensed family child care providers
in and around Dakota County.  Our goals are:

  • To promote quality family child care through monthly training
    opportunities and support for providers;

  • To promote the image of quality family child care in the
    community; and

  • To aid in communication between providers, Human Services,
    parents and the community.

Our Mission Statement:  We are committed to promoting quality
licensed family child care within the community by offering providers
affordable education and professional support.

Benefits for Providers
  • Monthly Training
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Benefits for Families
  • Free Provider Directory
  • Guide to Choosing Quality Child Care
  • Program list of benefits of licensed family child care
Who  We  Are
Jean Mathison
Provider of the Year!
Saturday, May 20th  8:30am